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Ladies Clothing Alterations

Ladies, are you situated in the Northwich area and looking for someone to carry out repairs and alterations to your clothing?

As professional repairers and seamstresses, we can help with invisible mending and alterations to all types of women’s apparel. Whether it is your best party frock, tailored dress or even a business suit that needs a bit of TLC, we can assist. Big or small jobs, they call come to us. From sewing on a button to complicated re-styles and re-shaping, as experts in the field, nothing daunts us and we never say ‘No’ to any project.

We make sure that it fits like a glove

Our expert and knowledgeable team can help with re-working of all types of garments and fabrics.

Whether you are talking a very delicate silk or voile, organza or lace, we have the patience and intricate knowledge required to know just what to do and how to do it.  All you have to do is get in touch, bring your items of clothing to our store and allow us to give you an overview of what is needed and the price it will cost.  If you have lost or increased in weight, we can revolutionise your wardrobe with alterations and re-sizing as required. 

Our team have been attending to this type of detailed sewing work for many years, so we understand how to make the finishing touches that make all the difference.

Save time and money and look great

Unless you are an experienced seamstress yourself, then it can be difficult and risky to carry out repairs to expensive clothing.

Even if it works well, it will most likely take you some time to get it right, and you always have the chance that you may end up ruining something, making it unwearable or not looking as it should.  This is why we are here to help.  We understand that you want to look good – all of the time – and no matter what you are wearing.  By allowing us to work on the items of clothes in your wardrobe that need refining, you can be safe in the knowledge that you will always look as good as you know you can.

Perfectly measured

Of course, it all starts with us taking your measurements, looking at the garments involved and then making the adjustments or repairs as needed.

Damage can be repaired and tailoring re-styles carried out to ensure not just a perfect fit but a superb look. Get your favourite clothes refreshed now and get in touch with us.  We are always ready to help.


Exemplary attention to detail

If you live in the Northwich area, then there are many reasons for you to choose our company to carry out your repairs, redesigns and alterations.