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Mens Clothing Alterations

Gentlemen in the Northwich area looking for repairs and alterations to be carried out to their clothes are in luck! We are located within the Northwich area and have in place a skilled and proficient team, always available to carry out experts repairs and re-styles to all items of gents clothing.

We ensure that you wear it well

Patience is required to carry out first class repairs and re-fitting of clothes, and we have plenty of it.

For many years we have been working with clients in the Northwich area and showing them just how their favourite clothes can be made to last.  Why dispose of garments when they have so much more life left in them and which most likely were expensive when purchased. Re-cycling and up-cycling is very much in vogue at the moment when it comes to home furnishings and personal items, so why not apply this superb method to your wardrobe full of clothes too?


All garments catered for

Before you hit the High Street and spend a fortune on new clothes, take a good look at the ones you already have.

If the cloth is still good and they are not too worn, then wouldn’t it make perfect sense to repair or alter the items to make them fit today’s current fashions or styles?  Trousers and jeans can be tapered, turn-ups removed, jackets re-styled and even heavy coats given a make-over.  If you have lost or gained weight, rather than bin what you have and replace, get your clothing re-worked.


A new lease of life for your wardrobe

So are you ready for a new look? Select the items in your wardrobe that need attention and then give us a call or call into our store.

We will check over everything that is needed, take your measurements precisely and then give you a quotation as to what it will cost to get everything looking 100% ready to wear.  If you have any designer labels in your wardrobe, compare how much it will cost to repair or refresh them rather than go out and buy brand new items.  Don’t ditch your favourite jeans just because they are too big after you lost weight, or you have torn them. We carry out invisible mending and can adjust clothes carefully to make sure that they fit well and look classically good.

We work on everything; leather and suede items, tailored suits and even heavy garments like winter coats.  Once we have worked our magic, the end result will be one that will delight you.

Get in touch now and allow us to give you some quotations and ideas of how we can reinvigorate your favourite things.



Exemplary attention to detail

If you live in the Northwich area, then there are many reasons for you to choose our company to carry out your repairs, redesigns and alterations.