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Prom Dress Alterations

Prom Day comes once in a lifetime for every girl, so it is essential that you and your dress not only are a good match for each other, but that your gown fits perfectly.

We understand that if you live in the Northwich area you may be worried, thinking that you will not be able to find a skilled and professional team of seamstresses to carry out the essential alteration work on your prom dress. But you need not worry. We have been repairing and altering prom gowns and dresses for many years. It is as important to us as it is to you that you look stunning on Prom Night, so any refinements that you need carried out to your dress will be carried out accurately and carefully by us.


Look as perfect as a picture

Maybe you are on the verge of buying the dress of your dreams but are hesitating, knowing that it is not fitting as it should.

Whether it is too tight, too loose, a little too short or simply too long, we can help.  If the dress is what you want but just needs refinements made to ensure that it looks good or fits perfectly, we can accommodate your needs.  Any changes that are made to the dress will be done in such a way that they will be unnoticeable when finished.  The techniques that we use to work on dresses such as this are ideally suited to the more delicate fabrics and trimmings, so nothing will be damaged or spoilt.

Once you have the dress

The next step, after purchasing your dress, is to get it to us if it needs attention.

Not only will we discuss the changes to be made with you, we will take precise measurements and ensure that the brief is double checked to ensure that what you want is what you will get.  Communication is key at all times and our superb customer advisors will attend to your project from start to finish, ensuring continuity of approach and an end result that will delight you.


Look as beautiful as you should

Maybe your dress fits well but needs that something extra added to finish the look; sashes, wraps, trimmings, shawls or shrugs; then we can help with these too.

All that is needed is for you to bring the raw materials to us and let us work on them according to your instructions.  The final result will be a prom dress that truly does make you look like a million dollars.

Don’t leave anything to chance; get your Prom dress looking fantastic so that you feel that way too.  Get in touch with us now.


Exemplary attention to detail

If you live in the Northwich area, then there are many reasons for you to choose our company to carry out your repairs, redesigns and alterations.