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Wedding Dress Northwich

Your wedding day deserves to be perfect. After all, when you have spent so much time and money on something, it should be so.

But what if your wedding dress is not quite up to standard?

Do you have the dress of your dreams but it hangs badly and looks too tight, too loose or needs the finishing touches added?

Based in Northwich, our top-class team carry out wedding dress re-designs, re-fits and repairs. Having been used to working on wedding gowns and dresses for many years, we understand only too well that this is more than just any old dress; your wedding dress needs to make you look good and as it will be permanently recorded on photos to savour and look at for years to come, it has to look not just OK but outstanding beautiful.

Re-fits and re-styles

Whether your dress is brand new and just needs minor refinements made; you bought it months ago and it no longer fits well or you want a vintage dress re-modelled, we are here to attend to it.

All that we need to do is take a look at the dress, get from you your ideas as to what you want and then take some precise measurements. If you know the look you want to achieve using an older dress that is being re-modelled, but have no idea how to bring it to life, we can help. Our team of seamstresses are not only expert in the field of stitching and sewing but their years of practice have made them connoisseurs when it comes to knowing what looks good and how best to alter a dress.



Bring the whole wedding party to us

You could be forgiven for thinking that we work only with brides, but that is not the case.

We can help out with tailoring, repairing and alterations to outfits for the whole wedding party. Whether it is the bridegroom, bridesmaids, father or mother of the bride or a guest that is having problems with an outfit, we can give you a package price to carry out work to everything as needed. You will be allocated a personal consultant who will discuss the project with you, detail carefully what needs to be done, take measurements and finally give you a set price so that you can ensure it fits in with your budget.



Be relaxed and confident

Once your gown has been made-over, we can even help with accessories if needed.

For example, if your dress is a little too plain and needs a sash adding or trimmings refining, we will know exactly what is needed and what to do. The end result will be a bridal gown that fits like a glove, makes your figure look superb and ensures that on your wedding day you truly do look like a dream.

Get in touch now to get your wedding day dress alterations slotted into our schedule and on target for the ceremony of your dreams.


Exemplary attention to detail

If you live in the Northwich area, then there are many reasons for you to choose our company to carry out your repairs, redesigns and alterations.